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June 2014

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Energy security crisis in Ukraine boosts EU’s 2030 energy efficiency policy

The European Commission highlights that energy efficiency is to play a vital role in EU’s energy policy beyond 2020. This is further powered by the energy crisis in Ukraine – bringing back the idea that Energy Efficiency is the first fuel for the EU Economy and can help to significantly reduce Europe’s import dependence, particularly on gas from Russia. The EU is highly dependent on gas from abroad, importing 66% of its natural gas from which 39% come from Russia.

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Business case tools now fully online

Users of the SPiCE³ platform can now check out the probable impact of energy efficiency measures directly on the website, using the Quick Guide's new Business Case tools. Updated now to work more simply and easily than before, these tools will give users a picture of the business case for implementing energy efficiency measures and the areas of weakness in their organisation.

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Marriage of Responsible Care and SPiCE³ under way

The Cefic Responsible Care Forum and SPiCE³ Annual Conference took place last week in London. The two-day event focused on developing integrated HSE support under the Responsible Care programme umbrella for SMEs. More than 40 chemical industry experts from 16 countries took part, discussing how best to join up energy and water efficiency programmes within the Responsible Care industry initiative.

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Energy Kaizen

Many of the solutions to improving energy efficiency lie with your workforce, the question is how to do we release this knowledge and enthusiasm? An Energy Kaizen is a structured approach to identifying, assessing and ranking ideas generated from employees. It helps build a culture where everyone has ownership and encouraged to come up with ideas and provide solution

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