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July 2017

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We are hereby sharing this survey intended to gather information from its users to assess the use, possible expansion and maintenance of the SPiCE³ platform. The purpose of the platform has been to help gain chemical SMEs access to knowledge and information of larger companies on energy efficiency management services.

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Energy policy in the Netherlands

Energy and climate topics are high on the international political agenda. In the Netherlands, two energy covenants - MJA3 (Long Term Agreements) and MEE (running until 2020) - are currently in place. As a result of the 2013 energy agreement, both agreements have been intensified.

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Energy efficiency improvement opportunities for Italian Chemical enterprises

This article provides and overview of the Italian regulatory framework supporting Energy Efficiency (“EE”) investments and recent changes in the developments within the White Certificates discipline.

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An industry committed to energy efficiency: first results from the SPiCE³ questionnaire

Since the 17th of May, the SPiCE³ team have been collecting answers to our questionnaire on the perceptions and behaviours related to energy efficiency in the chemical sector. Here are some first results from this process.

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German Green Paper on Energy Efficiency: consultation key messages

Regarding the efforts to reach energy and climate goals, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) triggered in summer 2016 – with the “Green Paper Energy Efficiency” and the discussion document “Power 2030” – a public debate, focusing on the question: “Which energy policy tasks will need to be tackled in the coming years, in order to make energy supplies affordable, reliable and climate-friendly in the long term?”

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STEEEP: increasing energy savings in SMEs

STEEEP (Support and Training for an Excellent Energy Efficiency Performance) is a 3-year European project helping 600 European cross-sector SMEs to reduce energy consumption and become more energy-efficient.

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Want to know more about cogeneration technology?

Cogeneration Technology
Cogeneration Channel is the video based web channel dedicated to the world of cogeneration.

Cogeneration is the most tested and immediately workable choice for ensuring energy efficiency in energy-intensive industries, such as chemical industry.

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Energy Facts and Support - Funding

Funding for energy efficiency in the UK is available in the form of tax relief for investments in energy efficient equipment or loans facilitated by government through the Green Investment Bank or Green Deal.

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