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January 2015

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Why energy efficiency should not be affected by falling oil prices

It is reasonable for people and companies to see falling oil prices and think that the opportunities for energy efficiency and renewables are becoming less attractive. However, this is a mistake and now is as good as any time to act on energy efficiency.

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SPiCE³ Conference

We would like to inform all the readers of our newsletter that the SPiCE³ Conference will take place on 12-13 May 2015 in Brussels. It will gather SMEs, large companies, representatives of national federations of the chemical sector and policy makers as well as representatives from other sectors who will also be invited to share views and experiences.

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Cefic launches its Sustainability Report 2013/2014

The chemical industry’s second sustainability report, bearing the title "Teaming up for a Sustainable Europe", was presented at the Global Chemical Annual Convention on October 17th, 2014. This document follows the process initiated with the publication of Cefic’s first report, in which its vision in terms of sustainability was laid out, foreseeing that the sector will have a key role to play in ensuring that by 2050 over nine billion people can live well, within the resources of the planet.

This 2014 report offers an overview of the progress made by the chemicals sector so far and the next steps required towards contributing effectively to a more sustainable society. Cefic’s document focuses on three key issues:
· Performance indicators
· Solutions to societal challenges
· Essential elements for Europe’s sustainable future

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SPiCE3 welcomes its new Project Manager, Guy Parker

As of 5 January 2015, Mr Guy Parker, Manager Energy and Climate Policy at Cefic, has been assigned the role of Project Manager for SPiCE³. Mr Parker, who takes over from Ms Martina Beitke in this role, will be in charge of directing and organising the Consortium’s efforts in view of the conclusion of the Project’s funding period in June this year.

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Waste heat recovery and cogeneration for industry

The global waste heat recovery (WHR) market is currently surging, with its value estimated to reach over $50 billion by 2018. WHR involves capturing wasted heat discarded by an existing industrial process and using that heat for other applications such as the generation of electricity. Various commercial solutions are available but the Heliex system differs is that it can work in parallel with the pressure reduction valve (PRV) during industrial processes to utilise the pressure drop in the steam flow, in order to provide electricity – this unique form of cogeneration is a world first.

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