Rules of Conduct
19 Aug 2013

Summary: Our Rules of Conduct. SPiCE³ platform is here to encourage and facilitate dialogue on energy efficiency matters in the chemicals sector across Europe.

SPiCE³ platform is here to encourage and facilitate dialogue on energy efficiency matters in the chemicals sector across Europe. With this in mind we aim to build a community that is actively engaged in mutual exchange of information, good practice and improvements in energy use.

Feel free to use our forum to:

  • ask for assistance, share best practices, case studies, successes and failures;
  • tell us about your experiences, things that worked, things that did not work; and
  • help everyone keep up with developments and upcoming events in our fast-moving industry.

For the use of the site and forum in particular, adherence to the following guidelines is required:

  • any links/ articles/ videos posted should be of high relevance to SPiCE³;
  • at all times, behave in a polite and respectful manner;
  • no personal attacks;
  • no spamming;
  • respect EU competition rules.

Participants in the forum should be aware that exchange of company-specific information between competitors could potentially be violating EU competition rules. Therefore, feel free to interrupt any potentially unlawful discussion or document distribution. The interruption and/or expression of concerns should be duly expressed to Cefic.

It is strictly prohibited for competitors to:

  • agree or give any concrete recommendations or conclusions in such a form that they induce competitors to behave in an identical manner;
  • allocate customers or territories among themselves;
  • influence competitor's business decisions;
  • co-ordinate pricing, production or other competitive practices, decisions or strategies; and
  • exchange commercially sensitive company-specific information.

Prohibited company-specific topics include:

  • sale or purchase prices;
  • terms and conditions of trade;
  • market shares;
  • current and forecasted production, output, sales or orders;
  • anticipated supply;
  • current and forecasted production capacity;
  • anticipated downtime;
  • marketing or product plans;
  • raw materials or product composition;
  • customers or bids;
  • general business strategies;
  • any information which would enable competitors to make forecasts for their future market behaviour.

It is allowed to:

  • exchange sufficiently aggregated anonymous and historical data;
  • assess key economic factors affecting industry structure;
  • report on technology trends in key markets/product areas;
  • develop common projects in relation to industry standards or EU policies.

Cefic and its partners in SPiCE³ reserve the right to remove offensive and inappropriate material from the forum, as well as material that could be construed to breach EU competition rules and forum participation from individuals or companies that breach these guidelines.

Disclaimer: The text on EU competition rules does not constitute legal advice. Information exchange is an area of difficulty in practice since compliance depends upon a detailed analysis of the precise nature of the information exchanges and the characteristics of the relevant market where competitors operate. As a general rule, therefore, the more concentrated a market, the more likely it is that competition will be found to be restricted by information exchange. Please consult a qualified lawyer for legal advice on any specific matter.

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