EINSTEIN II - Expert-system for an INtelligent Supply of Thermal Energy in INdustry and other large scale applications
22 Jan 2015

Summary: The project aims to develop integrated energy-efficient solutions for thermal energy supply in industrial companies and for large non-industrial users. EINSTEIN-II uses a holistic integral approach that includes the possibilities of demand reduction by heat recovery and process integration, and an intelligent combination of existing supply technologies.

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The EINSTEIN tool kit for thermal energy auditing, based on an expert system software tool, guides the user through the whole procedure from auditing (preparation of visit and data acquisition), to data processing, to the elaboration, design and quantitative (energetic and economic) evaluation of alternative solutions. Objectives: consolidate the EINSTEIN methodology and extend it to non-industrial uses; realise an intensive training programme with relevant actors; test and validate the methodology in an audit campaign; development of standards and contribution to ongoing standardisation.


  • Introductory and advanced training courses for at least 200 energy auditors, industrial technicians and other relevant actors in the field of industrial energy efficiency for the use of this expert system and on innovative energetic solutions
  • Implementation of auditing campaigns in 72 companies in all participating countries that will have as an outcome innovative best-practice examples, and future energy audits induced by the project with an estimated primary energy saving of 10 TWh/year
  • Publication of a European Committee for Standardization - CEN Workshop Agreement, initiation of new standardisation activities on the European level in the form of proposals for new work items, documented in the proceedings of the trends analysis workshop to be realised, and providing input to ongoing standardisation activities in Europe based on EINSTEIN II knowledge
  • Further development and dissemination of the EINSTEIN thermal energy auditing tool kit (expert system software tool and guidelines) that helps to reduce cost and to improve quality of energy audits by using a holistic approach
  • Dissemination activities for raising awareness and for widespread dissemination of the results

Lessons Learned

  • Methodology and Software Tool proven in Auditing Practice (72 energy audits):
    • The EINSTEIN methodology and tool has been successfully consolidated within the project. It has been proven that it can be applied in a great variety of different applications
    • The application of EINSTEIN compared to conventional auditing is a big help for the auditor for organising information in a systematic and structured way and in carrying out fast feasibility analysis for a large number of possible alternatives
  • Large Potential for Energy Efficiency An average primary energy saving potential of close to 20 %, and in some companies up to more than 60 % has been detected even under the constraint that has been applied in most audits that pay-back times should not be higher than 4 years (although this limit varied from company to company from below 2 year up to 8 years in some specific cases). If the primary energy consumption for thermal uses only is used as a reference (without electricity for lighting)
  • By many companies there was a positive take-up of the proposals presented (at the end of the project out of 72 companies 20 had initiated some further detail planning steps and out of them 5 already had implemented (some of) the proposed measures. The development and presentation of an attractive proposal to the company was in many other cases in-sufficient for triggering action towards a further development of detail technical issues with the objective of a real implementation of the measures


Project's summary + key documents and contact

Project's webpage on the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme's website


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