European uptake of successful implementations of Industrial LTA's as a part of voluntary agreements on energy savings
22 Jan 2015

Summary: Started in October 2007, the project aimed to develop a toolkit to facilitate sector associations and governments in setting up Long Term Voluntary Agreements (LTAs). The LTA approach has proven to be successful in SME sectors resulting in substantial energy efficiency improvement, e.g. more then 30% energy savings in a number of industrial SME sectors over the past decade.

EU LTA Update

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This project provides a number of instruments to be selected by any industrial association and/or national government, willing to implement LTAs to achieve its national or sectoral GHG emissions reduction targets. In this regard, the key players in building an LTA are the industrial associations, relevant authorities and independent experts.


  • An overview of LTA experience in Europe
  • Definition of supportive tools
  • An active expert platform with representatives from industries and public authorities, partly trained in conducting LTA processes and able to provide feed back on the toolkit
  • Three pilot LTAs signed
  • A toolkit, validated by the expert platform

Lessons Learned

  • The first lesson learnt is that a web-based annotation system is an efficient tool, when vast amounts of texts have to be edited / commented on by a large number of people
  • Public authorities of Central European countries are interested in Voluntary Agreements or LTAs but do not have a complete overview on consequences when considering entering an LTA pilot. It is important to define very small steps which are considered feasible for these authorities
  • For this type of project it is difficult to foresee all dissemination actions completely in advance, so it is important for EU LTA Uptake to identify as many suitable opportunities as possible to promote the project results and benefits


Project's summary + key documents and contact

Project's webpage on the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme's website

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