An industry committed to energy efficiency: first results from the SPiCE³ questionnaire
04 Jul 2017


Since the 17th of May, the SPiCE³ team have been collecting answers to our questionnaire on the perceptions and behaviours related to energy efficiency in the chemical sector. Here are some first results from this process.

A shared concern among diverse participants profiles

62% of the survey participants consider energy efficiency important for their business! This feeling seems to be shared across various type of enterprises with energy costs ranging from <5% (19% of respondents) to more than 20% (28% of respondents) and from a wide range of industrial sectors including petrochemicals, cosmetics, insulation, textile, food or waste water treatment.


Our respondents wish to take action is even more visible: a majority is thinking ‘constantly’ about energy efficiency measures! So, are there any hurdles to concretise energy efficiency improvements?

Missing references

All our respondents think that their company can improve their energy efficiency(!). Despite the appetite for energy efficiency, reference points seem to be missing. More than half of participants do not have designated energy manager in their companies, and 45% do not have or are unsure about any specific guidance/expertise on energy efficiency.


We will continue to explore the outcome of this questionnaire and share the results in our next newsletter edition. However, these first results seem to confirm the relevance of SPiCE³ role as an energy efficiency knowledge centre for the chemical industry.

We take our role seriously and in the coming month, SPiCE³ will continue to provide you with more information: best practice, case study and news to feed your will to make the best use of energy!

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