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Waste Heat Recovery and Cogeneration for Industry
08 Jan 2015

Heliex Expander System on site

The global waste heat recovery (WHR) market is currently surging, with its value estimated to reach over $50 billion by 2018. WHR involves capturing wasted heat discarded by an existing industrial process and using that heat for other applications such as the generation of electricity. 

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Compressor room energy audit tool
31 Oct 2014

Summary: ATLAS COPCO’s tool allows users to quantitatively evaluate potential savings and decide whether execute an energy audit of load-idle running equipment within compressor rooms and identifies interventions to improve energy consumption.

AtlasCopcoaug22005C v2

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Energy Efficiency Qualifications
11 Sep 2014

Summary: Cogent has developed a suite of small, flexible qualifications in Resource Efficiency, with particular ones focusing on energy efficiency. This builds on recent project to develop National Occupational Standards for Sustainable Business Practice. These qualifications are intended to support training, either on or off the job, for people with responsibility for identifying and implementing efficiency measures for energy, water, waste, and transport. The range of qualifications is suitable for process operators and technicians, supervisors and senior managers.


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Energy Kaizen
18 Jun 2014

Summary: Many of the solutions to improving energy efficiency lie with your workforce, the question is how to do we release this knowledge and enthusiasm? An Energy Kaizen is a structured approach to identifying, assessing and ranking ideas generated from employees. It helps build a culture where everyone has ownership and encouraged to come up with ideas and provide solution


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DE: Förderung von energiesparenden Technologien in Unternehmen – Bund vergibt Investitionszuschüsse
12 Jun 2014

Summary: The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy grants funding for investments in energy saving technologies. This type of funding is available to small and medium-sized enterprises (according to the SME definition of Germany ( heat recovery.


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11 Mar 2014

Summary: An ESCO, or Energy Service Company, is a business that develops, installs, and arranges financing for projects designed to improve energy efficiency and maintenance costs for facilities. ESCOs generally act as project developers for a wide range of tasks and assume the technical and performance risks associated with the project.

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09 Oct 2013

Summary: CARE+ helps small and medium sized enterprises in the chemical industry to improve energy efficiency. Discover more here.

care plus

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Cefic and its partners in CARE+ developed a detailed set of assessment tools and information on energy efficiency opportunities in the chemicals sector.

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KMO zelfscan
29 Jan 2014

Summary: The energy selfscan for SMEs is a tool for energy-efficiency improvements. It is the aim to establish an energy balance of the company, leading to the identification of effective measures for energy efficiency. Relevant for Belgium (Flanders).


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Microwave Reactors for Chemical Synthesis
17 Mar 2014

Summary: Microwave reactors have been used in R&D for a number of years but are now gaining commercial importance as an alternative to conventional batch reactors. For some reactions they offer the potential for significant energy reductions as well as yield and selectivity improvements and the opportunity for carrying out solvent free reactions with the subsequent environmental benefits.

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