Trinseo Benelux BV
13 Jan 2016


Cefic announced on 08/10/2015 the winners of its European Responsible Care Awards, during a special ceremony at its annual general assembly in Brussels. Under the auspices of this competition Trinseo Benelux (NL) received a special commendation for its project “Energy Efficiency through steam re-compression”. The company was praised for the creative way to use steam previously blown off to the atmosphere or condensed against cooling water at its site in Terneuzen (NL).

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Cofely - Standby Boiler Steam Injection
18 Jun 2015


An energy efficiency improvement project consisting in displacing gas use with steam injection from CHP to standby boilers to maintain temperature and pressure for back-up heating capacity.

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Improving energy efficiency in an ammonia plant - DVA Global Energy Services
26 Jun 2014

Summary: A comprehensive study was carried out by DVA Global Energy Services for energy efficiency improvement in an ammonia production site belonging to Fertiberia, located in Palos de la Frontera (Spain).


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