Efficient resources management: CRODA bv
09 Aug 2017

“Sustainability is so fundamental to us at Croda that it is embedded in our strategic thinking. It’s a crucial part of how we add value to our customers and help them to make the right choices.” said Steve Foots, Group Chief Executive at Croda

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CABB Group chlorine production uses latest membrane technology Energy-saving process at Pratteln site
01 Dec 2016

CABB Elektrolyse Zellensaal klein2

Energy-saving process at Pratteln site

Fine chemical manufacturer CABB has replaced the amalgam electrolysis plant for chlorine production at its Pratteln site in Switzerland with a plant using the latest generation of membrane technology.

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Sweet Energy Savings at Mentos
22 Jun 2015


A few years ago Breda Perfetti installed new HID lamps with electronic ballasts. They found that this technology required frequent maintenance and was not stable. Breda was replacing the fixtures every few years. Following HyTeps energy consultation, Breda chose to replace their lighting circuits with conventional lighting fixtures in conjunction with the installation of PowerSines Light Energy Controllers (LEC).

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HEINEKEN Goes Green with PowerSines LEC Energy Savers
22 Jun 2015


“We continue to innovate and invest; the yearly savings achieved with LEC each year is equivalent to 856,188 kWh and 445,218 kg of CO2, which is the annual consumption of 245 households in The Netherlands.”

Thus Wim Arkensteijn, Sr. Engineer Electrical/Instrumentation at Heineken (27 Feb 2012)

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SPP Pumps - Aeration Injection Pump System
18 Jun 2015


Pumps will not always show obvious signs that they are working inefficiently except when you see the electricity bill or maintenance is scheduled. In some cases a pump in distress can easily be easily spotted through vibration, temperature, noise or leakage. It is worth noting that pump systems are often operated as they always have been. Even noise and vibration levels can be accepted because they have always been at that level.

Therefore, the analysis of the pump system in an installation can result in significant energy savings.

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Cofely - Effluent Plant Aeration System
18 Jun 2015


This project for the food industry includes the replacement of a decommissioned pure oxygen system with fine bubble diffusion system and high efficiency air blowers.

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Cofely - AHU & Extract Balancing in a Hospital
18 Jun 2015


Project for installing VSDs and controls fitted to extract fans and AHU supply fans. Excess extraction of heat was eliminated and the forced inlet was programmed to support the wet heating system and provide a pressurised environment.

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Cofely - Food Industry: High Efficiency Chiller Replacement
18 Jun 2015


An energy efficiency improvement project for the food industry through the replacement of 7 x 1.3MW, 20 year old chillers with 4 x 1MW magnetic bearing, high efficiency Quantum Chillers for production process cooling.

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Snížení energetické náročnosti ve výrobě ve společnosti Glanzstoff-Bohemia s.r.o.
17 Jun 2015

Glanzstoff-Bohemia within the group GLANZSTOFF the only producer of viscose fibers. It produces exclusively technical fibers, which are used by all major tire manufacturers. The main activity of the company is the production of viscose fibers.

This investment will heat insulation of roofs, curtain walls and skylights objects relamping and other adjustments to reducing the energy intensity of production. The main expected benefits of this project include the avoidance of inefficient use of energy for heating both buildings, achieving significant savings in energy consumption while enhancing production and improving the social conditions of workers.

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The BASF Heereveen case: A review of energy streams leads to major energy savings
10 Oct 2014

Summary: BASF Heerenveen produces water-based environmental friendly resins for coating printing-inks and coating-additives. They are mainly styrene-acrylates made in a exothermic radical polymerisation process.


An aerial view of the Heereveen plant

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Huntsman Pigments – Low Carbon Award Winners 2011
31 Oct 2013

Summary: Manufacture of titanium dioxide pigments is an energy-intensive process and to compete in the global market, UK manufacturers must ensure their energy use is as low as possible. Many of the tools and techniques used by Huntsman are applicable across all chemical operations. Key to their success has been: management backing and setting a strategy and goal setting, clear assessment of where energy is used and what potential savings where achievable, prioritisation of projects and involvement and buy-in of all staff.


Huntsman Pigments is a division of Huntsman Corporation, a global manufacturer of differentiated chemicals. The division operates a titanium dioxide manufacturing site at Greatham, Teesside, UK.

Energy consumption has been an important issue at the Greatham plant for many years. Over the past decade a rigorous management process has been in place, which has reduced the specific energy consumption for the site by 30%.

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