Heidelberger Druck optimises cooling lubricant pumps
21 Sep 2017

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG is a global provider of products and services for advertising and packaging
printing. The company’s offerings focus mainly on sheet-fed offset and digital printing solutions and on the
manufacture of components and assemblies for the precision engineering sector.

At its production site in Brandenburg an der Havel, Heidelberger  manufactures shafts, cylinders, sections and prefabricated assemblies. There, Heidelberger decided to replace the existing pump sets and modernise the control system.  Thanks to the performance of the new system, Heidelberger will require only 1.6 years for the investment to pay back.

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Solvay - optimising cooling water pumps
19 Sep 2017

The Solvay Group, the global chemical company headquartered in Brussels, has a workforce of some
29,000 across the world. At their Bad Wimpfen facility, Solvay Fluor GmbH mainly produces organic and inorganic fluor-based products for use in the automotive industry and in air-conditioning, to name but a few.

Thanks to KSB energy efficiency system Solvay Fluor was able to save 25% energy on its pump system at its recooling plant in Bad Wimpfen, Germany.

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Tholos - Motori elettrici
18 Jun 2015


Tholos ha condotto un Audit energetico su circa 60 motori di potenza superiore ai 15 KWe allo scopo di individuare la possibile installazione di inverter. Dopo una prima analisi, sono stati individuati circa su 40 motori, che alimentano ventilatori e gruppi di pompaggio, con potenza complessiva superiore ai 2 MWe su cui è conveniente installare sistemi elettronici di controllo della velocità. I risparmi complessivi stimati sono superiori ai 300 KWe, con un risparmio annuo minimo pari a 2.100 MWe pari a circa 170.000 €/anno.

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Polish company improving energy efficiency: Lamela
09 Dec 2013

Summary: Lamela is one of the companies in Poland which have taken up a project to introduce the energy-saving CARE+ Program developed by the European chemical industry. (Main content in Polish)


The company started to use CARE+ in 2010 after receiving a message from one of its major customers who requested them to do a reduction of their energy consumption. Thanks to a contract with the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry and the Polish Japanese Centre for Energy Efficiency (KAPE), the company decided to participate in the CARE+ project due to the lack of internal knowledge and skills in the field of energy efficiency.

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