Decarb Europe highlights examples of electromagnetic processes
21 Sep 2017

In May 2017, the European Copper Institute (ECI) published Decarb Europe - Connecting technologies for a cleaner future. This report is a call for action, demonstrating there are mature and competitive technologies which can support European efforts to reach COP21 GHG targets while improving energy performances.

Energy management is the 1st section of this report.

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Vitex reduces its annual CO2 emissions by 950 tons for the next 25 years
17 Jun 2015


During the second semester of 2013 Vitex (Paint Industry located in Attica Greece, member of Yannidis Group of companies) completed an investment of 2,500,000 Euros by the installation of 4.158 Photovoltaic Solar Panels on Vitex’s Paint Factory facilities by which the company is reducing the annual CO2 emissions by 950 tons for the next 25 years.

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Grupa LOTOS power plant uses cheaper and cleaner fuel
26 May 2015

In early 2014 Grupa Lotos converted three of the four  boilers in its powerplant to run on natural gas . By changing the majority of fuel from high-sulfur heavy fuel oil to natural gas meant that sulfur dioxide emissions have declined approximately 90%.

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Janssen pioneers deep geothermal energy in Flanders
20 Jan 2015

Summary: Terrestrial heat as new source of energy? Janssen Pharmaceutica is definitely in favor of this sustainable idea. The company in Beerse wants to use deep geothermal energy as a renewable source coupled to a 4th generation heat network. Good for the environment and for the energy bill. Two birds with one stone. But first, there are several obstacles which must be surmounted...


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Construction of biomass incineration installations in chemical enterprises in Bulgaria
14 Nov 2014

Summary: Bulgarian companies in the chemical industry are prepared to invest in the incineration of biomass from agriculture and domestic production to obtain the necessary energy to operate. Greenhouse gas emissions can significantly be reduced by using biomass as a renewable energy source. This simultaneously reduces the cost of energy and dependence on Russian gas supplies which are not guaranteed.

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