HeatMatrix Polymer air pre-heating technology
09 Aug 2017

Many petrochemicals companies are currently assessing opportunities to improve the efficiency of furnaces, fired heaters and boilers in order to optimise operational costs. Upgrading the air preheating section of these units with a polymer air preheater generates attractive additional savings and simultaneously eliminates corrosion problems.

Polymer air preheater is a low temperature waste heat recovery technology. Polymer air preheater is corrosion resistant and has good anti-foulin properties. By recovering waste heat and preventing corrosion, this technology improves energy efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions.

The HeatMatrix polymer air preheater consists of multiple corrosion resistant tube bundles contained in a single metal shell or housing, which is made corrosion resistant by applying a coating or polymer liner. The proprietary polymer bundle design consists of multiple tubes that are connected to each other over almost the full length of the tube. This structure creates a strong rigid matrix grid that is able to resist high gas velocities and thermo shocks.

It can help getting more heat out of flue gas from firing biomass, refinery gas, biogas, oil, coal or exhaust air from dryers, ovens and incinerators. It can reduce between 5 to 25% in energy consumption and offers a payback time of about 3 years.

Read the article by Bart van den Berg, HeatMatrix co-founder, describing the air pre-heating technology.

Read the Heatmatrix Air preheater introduction.



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