Heat recovery technologies: the DFH case
03 Aug 2017

Decreasing our overall energy consumption is one of the priorities of European and national energy policy. Having more sustainable production and plant technologies represent a significant potential energy savings within the industrial sector.

The innovative DFH (Don’t Forget Heat) heat recovery system was patented in Italy and is applicable to existing or newly built refrigeration systems.

The DFH system consists in:
- a pump and heat exchanger group for heat recovery purpose,
- a storage tank for recovered energy, and a pump, heat exchanger and thermostatic mixer for domestic hot water production.
- A second - optional - pump, provides the distribution of non-sanitary hot fluid which can be used by the heating system or post-heating batteries or to any other type of technical use.
The overall system is assembled on a robust steel base which includes the electrical panel and the module for controlling and supervising the module.

DFH is completely independent from the plant operations, the system interprets its working conditions and is self-regulated. By avoiding unnecessary condensation of the refrigerant, it reaches a maximum heat recovery.
The control system is able to detect the demand for hot water and triggers its pump to produce it instantaneously. This way, it avoids accumulation and the risk of proliferation of Legionella Pneumophila, a bacterium responsible for Legionellosis.

Several features make DFH system unique:
‘All in one’: The system is complete including a cooling part, a water management part and interface between the cooling circuit and the water circuit.
Independent: Once installed, the system is self-regulated without having to connect to the site system. This means that no detailed knowledge of the cooling system is required.
Maximum efficiency: The DFH's temperature differential control system ensures maximum recovery without condensation, regardless of plant situations.
Installation in existing installations: It is possible to install the system both during the installation phase and at the next stage. In this case, the DFH system inserted between the compressor and the condenser will enable the control system to optimize the system according to the refrigerant used.
Safety: When the overall system is stopped for maintenance, the DFH system makes itself "transparent", and simply stops retrieving, thus preventing the risk of cooling failure.
• Practicality and Installation Speed: The DFH system is made of one block. It requires only to connect pipes and power supply.
Hygiene: The DFH system produces both domestic hot water (DHW) and hot water that can be used for other technical purposes at the same time. The absence of tank for DHW prevents the proliferation of legionella.
Control: The DFH system can be remotely controlled via the Internet (optional) and may be made compatible with another interface.
The fields of application include: chemical industry, food industry, hotels and restaurants, supermarkets, etc. i.e. wherever there is a refrigeration system - and because the need for heat is always present for space heating or the domestic water.

A PDF document further describes the DFH system.

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