ComEC PowerSines - Gioiellerie Beaverbrooks
22 Jun 2015


Come parte della strategia di bilancio per l’anno 2011, Beaverbrooks ha deciso di ridurre la spesa elettrica e le emissioni di CO2. Insieme a PowerSines il Gruppo ha identificato la tecnologia del ComEC come mezzo raggiungere questo obiettivo sfruttando l’ottimizzazione della tensione. L’ottimizzazione della tensione con il ComEC PowerSines ha permesso a Beaverbrooks un risparmio del 19,9% sul totale dei costi elettrici superando le iniziali aspettative dell’azienda.

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Kemira Oyj - E3 energy efficiency program
18 Jun 2015


Kemira is a global chemicals company serving customers in water intensive industries with an annual revenue of EUR 2.2 billion and around 4,900 employees. The company, which focusses on pulp & paper, oil & gas, mining and water treatment, has undertaken an energy efficiency review in all its major production sites, with the aim to identify and
define the best energy efficiency improvement projects, resulting in:

  • technical description of all identified projects
  • energy savings calculations of all projects
  • investments
  • feasibility calculations
  • Energy Efficiency Report
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Wörwag Projekt Energieeffizienz
18 Jun 2015


Wörwag is a family-run manufacturer which develops and produces high-quality coatings for a wide variety of industrial applications. Its 800 employees and sales revenue  of approx. 180 million euros, energy efficiency represents an important potential for substantial improvements in the company's bottom line.

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Investice do zvyšování energetické účinnosti ve skupině Agrofert
17 Jun 2015

Energy costs form a significant part of the costs in the chemical industry. The theme of improving energy efficiency is therefore one of the main goals of direct investments in energy-intensive industry in the Czech Republic. The following article shows practical examples of reducing energy consumption in selected companies of the Czech chemical industry.

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Caprolactamfabriek DSM bespaart veel op energie met kleine investering
22 Jan 2015

Summary: Een studie van adviesbureau Ecofys en de Routekaart Chemie 2012-2030 Energie en Klimaat van de VNCI tonen aan dat de industrie energie kan besparen door isolatieprojecten uit te voeren. DSM nam de caprolactamfabriek onder de loep. Resultaat: een jaarlijkse energiebesparing van 112.000 euro door niet of slecht geïsoleerde delen van de fabriek te isoleren. (Tekst: Adriaan van Hooijdonk, publicatie uit Chemiemagazine)


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Jindal : Un Exemple À Suivre en Matière d’efficacité Énergétique
01 Dec 2014

Summary: For a few years, Jindal Films, global leader in the development and production of plastic films, has developed and applied an improvement strategy for its energy efficiency. Through different projects implemented within the enterprise, significant energy savings have been realized. 4 important steps are currently being undertaken: the implementation of key performance indicators making it possible to identify and control the big energy consumers, the consumption reduction of its production processes and buildings, the recovery of energy and the sustainable production of energy. Jindal Films is saving significant amounts of energy, improving its energy efficiency with 18% in the last 6 years. This strategy, followed step by step, has proven to be advantageous on all aspects, showing a good example to be followed by others.


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Energy efficiency at Medgenix - the importance of an information network
31 Mar 2014

Summary: To start with energy efficiency in a company is not an easy task. For smaller companies, two questions often rise: where to begin with and where to find the information? Several initiatives for energy-efficiency are based on the principle of a learning network. In that way, SPiCE³ with its interactive platform, workshops and on-site trainings is a perfect example of bringing together more experienced companies, energy experts and SMEs to exchange useful information and tips to start with energy efficiency. Medgenix, a pharmaceutical company in Flanders, has proven the efficiency of this strategy by participating twice to an initiative of VOKA: Learning Network Energy. Learn more about their experience and the advantages of a network.


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