Decarb Europe highlights the potential of energy management
19 Sep 2017

In May 2017, the European Copper Institute (ECI) published Decarb Europe - Connecting technologies for a cleaner future. This report is a call for action, demonstrating there are mature and competitive technologies which can support European efforts to reach COP21 GHG targets while improving energy performances.

Energy management is the 6th section of this report. 

 Among the 10 key facts presented within this section we learn that only 1.5% of Europe’s medium-to-large companies have adopted the ISO 50001 standards on energy management, despite the fact that anergy management projects most commonly produce savings between 10-30% of total energy consumption (some peak at 85%!).

The report feature the example of the Aurubis company. Aurubis is Europe’s largest copper producer. It is an energy-intensive company, with annual energy cost in millions of euros.

In the Hamburg facililty, the implementation of the energy monitoring system consisted in the installation of over 3,000 measurement points(!). The treatment of all measurement data into a centralised monitoring system was a challenging process. It finally provided the team with actionable information and enabled Aurubis to significantly decrease its energy intensity.


More information on these three cases are available in on p. 68 of the Decarb Europe report. Decarb Europe report - Energy Management section.



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