Decarb Europe highlights three examples of electric motor systems
14 Sep 2017

In May 2017, the European Copper Institute (ECI) published Decarb Europe - Connecting technologies for a cleaner future. This report is a call for action, demonstrating there are mature and competitive technologies which can support European efforts to reach COP21 GHG targets while improving energy performances.

Electric Motor Systems is the 3rd section of this report.

After a brief introduction to the technology, key facts mention that Electric motor systems use around 70% of global industrial electricity!

The report presents 3 use cases. Here some striking outcomes relatedvto each case.

- Pumping system in the dairy indutry (CH). The implementation of a high-efficiency motors equipped with an electronic regulation system was paid back in only 3 years.

- Pumping system and compressed air in wastewatr treatment (CH). The optimiisation of the motor system consuming 26GWh annuallty enable 15% ssavings

- Pumping system in sugar manufacturing (NL). The replacement of 3 units was recovered in 2 years and could enable more than  €1 million savings over teh life-time of the new system.

 These three examples can be found on page 38-39 of the Decarb Europe report. Decarb Europe report - Electric Motor Systems section

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