Sasol Italy's implementation of Advanced Process Controls
27 Apr 2017

Sasol Italy implemented an energy efficiency improvement project based on the application of Advanced Process Control ("APC") technologies in its factory at Augusta (Siracusa, Italy).

This stepwise approach has been successfully applied in different APC projects carried on by Sasol Italy through the involvement of external engineering company (Eascon). 

The techniques make use of improved ability to extract value from the analysis of big masses of available data (so-called Multivariable Predictive Control). The immediate result is an improvement of the efficiency of process control that translates in the achievement of significative cost reductions in process operations. More detailed results are available in the PDF file below.

It is expected that a wide diffusion of this type of "data analysis techniques" (Big Data and other Modelling/Simulation techniques) could let Chemical Industry achieve a significant improvement of the operating efficiency.

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