Decarb Europe highlights three examples of CHP
15 Sep 2017

In May 2017, the European Copper Institute (ECI) published Decarb Europe - Connecting technologies for a cleaner future. This report is a call for action, demonstrating there are mature and competitive technologies which can support European efforts to reach COP21 GHG targets while improving energy performances.

Cogeneration is the 4th section of this report.

 After introducing the key benefits and principles of combined heat and power, the report highlights - among other key fact - that around 100,000 Europeans self-generate electricity and heat in Europe with on-site CHP, in homes, businesses and industry.

The report highlights three success stories:

- Prominent, tomatoe production in greenhouses (NL). The remote monitoring and management solution enabled higher performance and reliability to satisfy the heat, lighting and CO2 needs of Prominent greenhouses.

- Kiel municipal utility (DE). 20 gas engines will offer district heating and electricity at a 90% energy efficiency rate while coping with the variable input of wind power installed in this region located close to Denmark.

- Windsor Castle (UK). The 200kW decentralized energy system supplies hot water and electricity to the Royal Household and hasbeen in operation for 11 years. The cogeneration system reduces the Castle’s  achieve annual carbon dioxide savings of 418 tons.

More information on these three cases are available in on p. 48-49 of the Decarb Europe report. Decarb Europe report - Cogeneration section.


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