Toward a green chemistry: Vinavil chooses AB Energy cogeneration
20 Apr 2016

Impianto VINAVIL

Awareness of the benefits of cogeneration and the need to combine a concrete environmental sustainability action with energy efficiency optimisation are the main reasons that led VINAVIL to install AB Energy's CHP plant Ecomax® 14 NGS at its factory site in Villadossola, Verbania (IT).

The company

Vinavil S.p.A. was founded in 1994 following the acquisition by the Mapei Group of the business manufacturing vinyl acetate polymers previously owned by EniChem Synthetis. The Italian tradition of fine and secondary chemicals thus goes on and ranks among the first in Europe.

The production cycle of adhesives is energy-intensive and expensive. Therefore, VINAVIL needs to develop energy efficiency and get low-cost power to ensure competitiveness in an increasingly aggressive global market.

The solution

The Villadossola Vinavil plant’s cogeneration system had to balance the demands of modern technology and the limits/restrictions of the site layout, which originated in the 1930s. It was also important to consider the existing plants, which include a dual hot water make-up system.

After a thorough evaluation of market proposals, VINAVIL selected Energy AB as its ideal partner to design, build, and service the plant, on the basis of its technical and functional features, expected performance, and assistance guarantees. Through a detailed analysis of the specific energy needs of the Villadossola industrial plant and the characteristics of the existing technologies, AB Energy determined the Ecomax® 14 NGS containerized cogeneration plant to be the best solution.

The plant was placed in an industrial context that necessitated a precise feasibility study due to its time of foundation and structural features, which led to a positive dialog and collaboration between AB's technical staff and VINAVIL's engineering department with the purpose of developing a systemic solution perfectly suited to expectations. As evidence of the reliability and performance of the system, tested in 2010, its first full year of operation, 14 ECOMAX® NGS worked producing electricity and heat for 8,332 hours.

Features of the plant

  • LCV of natural gas: 9.5 kWh/Nmc 
  • Natural gas consumption: 363 Nmc/h 
  • Introduced power: 3,446 kWt 
  • Mechanical power supplied: 1,451 kW
  • Electrical power supplied: 1,416 kWe 
  • Net electrical power: 1,363 kWe 
  • Recoverable thermal power: 1,495 kWt 
  • Electrical efficiency: 41%
  • Thermal efficiency: 40%
  • Overall efficiency: 81%
  • Energy savings: 346 toe

VINAVIL has been extremely sensitive to environmental sustainability issues for several years now; in the forefront of efforts towards a green chemistry that respects nature. This clear industrial policy led to growing emphasis on energy efficiency and choosing AB Energy cogeneration: a safe and innovative solution that can reconcile cost optimization and care for the environment.

Supporting materials

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