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01 Aug 2014

Summary: The SPiCE³ Platform provides a way to get easy access to a large number of “Best Practice” documents that are available.


Introduction to Best Practice

There is a large number of reports and articles on the best techniques and methods for energy savings that are relevant for the Chemical industry. The SPiCE³ Platform provides a way to get easy access to a large number of these “Best Practice” documents that are available in the countries participating in the Project.

By clicking on the headings below, you will be provided with a short description of the corresponding Best Practices and links to available related documents. In addition to this, ”cover notes” for each of the displayed BPs on the list below are currently being prepared. These will portray the most important facts and “common truths” of the topics and will be published under their corresponding headings as they become available. For an example see the cover note for Compressed Air.

We are always interested in new data and so should you be aware of more up-to-date or relevant information, please contact us.

Discover Best Practices for operations within your company:

Cleaning in placeInsulationPumps
Climate control Lighting systemsSolid drying
Compressed airLiquid/solid separationSteam systems
Cooling systems Membrane TechnologyUnit Operations and Equipment
Distillation Monitoring energy useVacuum systems
Energy management Motor drivesVentilation and dust control
Heat recoveryPinch analysis Cogeneration


How to convince upper management to invest in energy efficiency

Energy Self Assessment - NEW! 


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