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Summary: Discover how to use the various functions on our website. This will help you get the best out of the information, resources and tools that were offer. Discover more.

What's in it for me?

The platform is more than simply an overview website. We want to provide you with a first tool to really start working on your energy performance. This tool is called PEEK: (Profile your Energy Efficiency Knowledge), whose aim is to assess your level of knowledge and preparedness for energy efficiency. Managing your energy use and energy costs can create substantial economic benefits and really make a difference to your bottom line.


The platform provides insight at country and EU level on legislation, initiatives, funding possibilities, good practice (tools & showcases) and events around energy efficiency, including national SPiCE³ workshops.


This website has been designed to be used by people from all the European member countries and beyond. For that reason you will find that information on the site is organised into countries rather than languages – for example, what is relevant in Netherlands (and presented in Dutch) may not be relevant in Belgium (yet is still presented in Dutch).

To start, you should choose your own country by using the pull-down at the top left of the Home Page.


You will find that the main structure of the site will then be presented in your chosen language.

So, why is there still so much English on the pages you visit?

Not all parts of the platform are translated into the local language to ensure that tools and country profiles are accessible to a broad audience and they are comparable. Ultimately, we want to enable best practice sharing across borders. Therefore, nearly every item on the website has an introduction in English and then may be followed by the main content in the local language, giving you access to energy saving information from 13 countries.

We've also provided a tool to enable you to translate pages that are not in your language, whether they are in English or another language that you don't speak. On each page (except the Home page) you will find a Google Translate facility on the bottom of the left column:




This facility will translate all content on the page into a broad approximation of your chosen language. We realise that this is not a perfect translation, but it provides a facility that is better than no translation at all, allowing you to understand whether the page you are viewing may actually be of use to you.

If you see content that really must be translated, in your opinion, why not send us a contact form with a specific request?

So why not dip into the world of energy efficiency and start making a difference for your company?

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