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Written by Nick
09 Oct 2013

Summary: The Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic (SCHP ČR). Learn more about our partner in the Czech Republic.

schp.jpgToday, the SCHP ČR embraces a total of 87 individual companies plus three associations, which represent over 60% of employees working in this sector and more than 70% of total output.

The highest executive body of the SCHP ČR is its board headed by the elected president. The supervisory board has five members.

The general meeting of SCHP ČR in 2012 accepted the principal directions of activities:

  • maintaining and strengthening of competitiveness in the Czech chemical industry (in collaboration with Ministry of Industry and Trade CR two conferences were organized in Prague in 2010 and 2011). In September 2012, the "Day of chemistry" was organized with the conference "Vision of the chemical industry", including traditional "Evening with the Czech chemistry";
  • voluntary activities (including Responsible Care, TRINS, SQAS, Global Product Study etc.);
  • Czech technological platform for sustainable development (SusChem), Czech technological platform for biocomponents (Sus Bio), new platform "PLASTY";
  • PlasticsEurope (publicity of plastics, effective use of waste plastics etc.);
  • ChemLog (chemical logistics) project – a project focused on Central and Eastern Europe, ended October 31, 2011, which is now realized as the project ChemLog Tracking and Tracing;
  • European chemical legislation (REACH and her implementation, GHS);
  • environmental legislation – up-to-dating of IPPC;
  • Emission Trade System EU (ETS), climate-energy package;
  • social dialogue (trade unions ECHO) - a collective treaty was signed in December 2012;
  • active participation of SCHP CR in projects realized in 2011 and 2012 (NANOFORCE, SPiCE etc);
  • continuation of project "With education to competitiveness of CHI in CR" - with 28 companies engaged – members of SCHP CR;
  • improving the image of the Czech chemical industry and SCHP CR; and
  • ReachSpektrum, s.r.o. (consulting and advisory services).

The strategy is based on participating and influencing the forming of legislative standards and executive system of the Czech Republic and European Union to achieve support to the chemical industry enterprises, especially of the members of the Association and to contribute to the positive image of the chemical industry. The strategic plan is to establish the lobby channels and communication groups for dialogue with government, parliament and EU bodies, and to continue communication with social partners.

The Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic is a full member of the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) and in the framework of European social dialogue, a member of the European Chemical Employers Group (ECEG).

Visit the website of The Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic

For all matters relating to SPiCE³ in Czech Republic, please contact:

jaroslav.jpgJaroslav Suchý - Secretary for Energy and Climate Change

Phone +420 266 793 581
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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