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16 Jul 2013

Summary: The Chemical Industries Association (CIA) is the organisation that represents chemical and pharmaceutical businesses throughout the UK. Learn more about this partner.

uk-ciaThe CIA's activities are split between lobbying and provision of advice and services. Our policy agenda stretches across energy, trade and competitiveness; our products and the way we work; health, safety & environment and employment issues.

We represent all sizes of chemical and pharmaceutical businesses, of which approximately 70% are overseas headquartered. This illustrates the increasingly international nature of the industry. Adherence to Responsible Care principles for manufacturing and product stewardship during transportation and use along the value chain is a condition of membership.

Energy and climate change issues are a key priority for our members and feature strongly within the UK Chemical and Chemistry using Industries' Growth Strategy, which has been developed with participation from all key stakeholders within the sector. Key strategy priorities comprise secure and competitive energy and feedstocks (with a key ask being the urgent exploitation of unconventional gas) accelerating innovation and rebuilding UK chemistry supply chains. Supporting priorities include enhancing the contribution of climate change solutions to sectors of the economy while optimizing energy use and reducing carbon emissions within the UK chemical sector itself. A Chemistry Growth Partnership with the UK government will work with relevant stakeholders to drive the implementation of these recommendations.

The growth strategy will compliment the ongoing work on energy and climate change policy and energy efficiency best practice by CIA:

  • Lobbying for competitive and secure energy supplies with latest developments including work on the UK's Electricity Market Reforms (EMR) and gas security initiatives. Within this we work to secure UK energy and climate change policies that support energy intensive businesses including rebates from impacts on electricity costs: carbon costs and subsidies for low carbon generation under the electricity market reforms.
  • Negotiation of a new term of the Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) under which chemical sector operators qualify for exchange from an energy tax called the Climate Change Levy in exchange for committing to challenging energy efficiency targets to 2020. Under the last CCAs, and a preceding voluntary agreement, the UK chemical industry has improved its energy efficiency by 35% since 1990. As part of this CIA promoted activities to support the exchange of energy efficiency best practice.

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For all matters relating to SPiCE³ in the UK, please contact:

Nick Sturgeon - Energy Trade and Competitiveness Director

Phone +44 20 7963 6752
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

nick_sturgeon.jpgNick Sturgeon is director for energy, trade and competitiveness for the Chemical Industries Association.

Nick joined the association in 1988 in the position of economist. In this role he combined economic assessment work with responsibility for monitoring progress in HSE performance under the industry's voluntary Responsible Care (RC) programme. With his support, the RC energy indicator was developed as the basis for a voluntary energy efficiency agreement, signed with the UK government in 1997.

In 2000 Nick was appointed manager of the Chemical Industries Association's Broking and Trading Agency (CIABATA). CIABATA is the wholly owned subsidiary of CIA, responsible for running the chemical sector Climate Change Agreements, advising on the UK Emissions Trading Scheme, and promoting energy efficiency best practice.

Since then Nick has expanded this role to encompass wider climate change policy, particularly representing the chemical sector in EU Emissions Trading Scheme discussions with government and, in 2007, energy policy was added to his responsibilities.

In 2012, Nick was appointed to the post of acting director for energy, trade and competitiveness with new responsibilities also encompassing trade and business economics.

Mike Lancaster - Head of Events & Regional Affairs

Phone +44 1430 421077
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

mike_lancaster.jpgMike spent 18 years in the chemical industry in a variety of research, operations and general management posts with BP and Yorkshire Chemicals. In 1998 he moved to the University of York to set up the Royal Society of Chemistry Green Chemistry Network with the aim of enhancing research and commercialisation of cleaner chemical technology and fostering industry / academia partnerships. He was responsible for setting up CRYSTAL Faraday (later to become the Chemical Industry Knowledge Transfer Network) as well as a new Masters course in Clean Technology at York.

In April 2002, Mike joined the Chemical Industries Association initially as its industry reputation manager, with responsibility for promoting the strategy within the industry. Since then he has had responsibility for communications and roll out of the CIA Sustainable Development plan. Mike currently heads up Events and Scottish and Regional Affairs, advising members on a range of topics including manufacturing excellence.

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