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Written by Nick
09 Oct 2013

Summary: FEIQUE is the Federation of the Spanish chemical industry, their primary objective is to defend the interests of the Spanish chemical industry. Learn more about our Spanish partner.

feique.jpgFounded in 1977, it voluntarily groups together almost 1,300 companies through sectoral and regional associations. FEIQUE is a member of CEOE, (Confederation of Employers and Industries of Spain) and Cefic (European Chemical Industry Council). The chemical industry is represented through FEIQUE in 150 executive and advisory bodies of the Public Administration and private organisations.

Our member organisations can participate in the working groups and committees of the federation, as well as in meetings or debates. 500 experts from member companies and associations actively participate in 15 committees.

The chemical industry in Spain encompasses the chemical (NACE 20) and pharmaceutical (NACE 21) industries, and excludes plastics and rubber products (NACE 22). Since 2011, it is the third largest industry in Spain, accounting for 12% of total manufacturing gross product (after the food, beverages & tobacco industry -20%- and metal industry -16%-), generating an added value about €15,000 million and a turnover of €55,000 million. It generates close to 500,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs. Including NACE 22, the percentage of the contribution to manufacturing gross product would rise to 15% (added value about €20,000 million) and the turnover to €74,000 million.

Regarding EU chemical industry sales (NACE 20&21) by geographic breakdown, the Spanish chemical industry represents about 10% of the €539 billion EU sales registered in 2011 (last available data), ranking among the seven biggest chemical countries in Europe.

The chemical industry is also the second largest exporter of the Spanish economy, and the first investor in R&D and environmental protection.
Due to the essential contribution of the chemical industry to the Spanish economy, it was in 2009 declared a STRATEGIC SECTOR by the government.

Regarding the Spanish chemicals sector, it is worth highlighting that both the chemical sector collective agreement as well as Responsible Care, the voluntary programme that FEIQUE has been coordinating for members since 1993, have pioneered in Spain many innovative aspects of labour relations and in the areas of sustainability and environmental management.

Visit the FEIQUE website

For all matters relating to SPiCE³ in Spain, please contact:

Laura_Castrillo2.jpgLaura Castrillo - Industrial Affairs Manager

Phone +34 914317969
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Laura is an Industrial Engineer, with a Master's Degree in Environmental Management and a Master's Degree in Electricity and Gas. In 2003 she joined FEIQUE as technician in the Industrial Affairs Department, in charge of environmental and energy issues. In 2008 she became Industrial Affairs Manager, providing advice and technical support in industrial policy and in drawing up and implementing regulations applying to the chemical industry. She is responsible for the specialised committees on transport, energy, environment and health and safety.

Iria García - Energy and Environmental Affairs

Phone +34 914317969
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Iria_García2.jpgIria holds a BSc in Chemistry and a Master's Degree in Environmental Management. In 2007 she joined FEIQUE as Environmental and Energy Coordinator. She is involved in energy and environmental policies, providing technical support relating these issues. She also manages the energy committee and environment committee, in which experts from member companies and associations participate.



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