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09 Oct 2013

Summary: The Bulgarian Chamber of the Chemical Industry (BCCI) is the association of the Bulgarian chemical industry, based in Sofia. Learn more about our partner in Bulgaria.

bcci.jpgThe BCCI is a legally registered as independent, non-profit, voluntary association and is a member of the Bulgarian Industrial Association, also an associated a member of Cefic and ECEG. It represents the interests of the chemical industry and its members in Bulgaria and Europe. 

The BCCI was established in 1994 and the association today has more than 50 member companies, mostly producers of chemical substances and products. It represents businesses of all sizes from across a wide spectrum of chemicals, plastics, rubber articles and petrochemical products. It represents large multinational companies like Solvay-Sodi and Lukoil-Neftochim and a big number of small-sized producing, trade and consulting companies.

The member companies of BCCI realize more than 90 percent of the turnover and account for more than 90 percent of the exports of the Bulgarian chemical industry, and have over 16 000 employees.

To support competitiveness and increase the sustainability of the chemicals sector, BCCI has for many years has as priorities:

  • Responsible Care - improving HSEQ indicators of the companies;
  • increasing competitiveness – REACH implementation;
  • improving energy characteristics of the companies;
  • increasing the level of education and training of the companies' staff; and
  • communication with all stakeholders.

The objectives which the Bulgarian Chamber of Chemical Industry pursues are to:

  • represent and protect the interests of its members in front of governmental, public and international bodies and organisations, observing the principles of independence and non-interference in the activities of members, business confidentiality and ethics in business relationships;
  • promote and publish in Bulgaria and abroad the technological and manufacturing capabilities of its members;
  • assist its members in their efforts to integrate into the EU and the global chemical industry and to increase their share in the international market;
  • assist its members in improving their competitiveness and technological level for the occupation of niche markets with new products;
  • accelerate the process of harmonisation with EU technical legislation;
  • contribute to the internal market by protecting it from non-compliant products, illegal imports and ghost companies;
  • influence public opinion in accordance with the interests of its members;
  • assist its members in providing a safe and healthy work environment, up-to-date equipment and technologies and environmentally-friendly performance;
  • provide support in improving the work skills and to achieve high levels of professional authority of its members' management; and
  • contribute to the building of loyal and ethical business practices in the chemical industry.

The BCCI's activities are managed according to the BCCI's statutes by:

  • General Assembly comprising all members: it convenes each year, sets policy objectives and adopts the budget;
  • Board of Directors of nine persons elected by the General Assembly;
  • Supervisory Committee elected by the General Assembly;
  • Chairman, elected by the Managing Board; and
  • Secretary General.

Leadership (2013)

Silviya Nestorova - Chairman of the Board of Directors
Yoncho Pelovski - Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors
Dora Bogdantsalieva - General Secretary
tel./fax: + 359 2 920 0573, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visit the BCCI website

For all matters relating to SPiCE³ in Bulgaria, please contact:

Lilyana Dombalova - Coordinator European projects

Phone + 359  887543260
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

liliana_dombolova.jpgLiliana Dombalova has been working for the Bulgarian Chamber of the Chemical Industry from 2002. She started as coordinator for the Responsible Care initiative in Bulgaria, and for ten years by now, the Bulgarian RC family has well presented "RC family" in 31 member companies. She coordinates and implements different international projects for BCCI - safety education and training of employees, energy efficiency (here CARE+) etc.

Liliana Dombalova is an engineer of industrial electronic and automation and before joining the BCCI's staff, she worked for more than 30 years at the Technical University of Sofia as Ass. Professor at the Faculty of Automation, Department of Electric Drive, teaching students on digital control of electric drives and design of power controllers.

Yoncho Pelovski - Vice-chairman of BCCI

Phone +359 888 84 54 10
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

yoncho_pelovski.jpgProf. Yoncho Pelovski is a Vice-chairman of BCCI. He has been working for BCCI since 1998 as a national coordinator on international projects CHEMFED/CHEMLEG, as a leader of the national committee on Responsible Care, and helped the companies in the implementation of new environmental legislation.

Prof. Pelovski was a Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Environment and Waters (1995-1996).

From 1968 to 2011 he worked at the University of Chemical Technology & Metallurgy, Sofia, where he was Professor and Head of Centre of Ecology. His holds a PhD – Development of new technology for production of Hydrogen Fluorine, done in UCTM, Sofia (1970-1975).

He did research studies "Thermo chemical processes" (1979-1981) at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan and Sustainable Development and Environmental studies at Queen's University, Belfast, UK (1992-1994).

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