19 Август 2013

Summary: Discover all of the downloadable public documentation that is not available on other sections of the Platform.

All the public documentation of the SPiCE³ project needs to be published on the Platform. This page contains only deliverable documents that are not available on other sections of the Platform:

Official documentation


D0.1 Final Summary (see here)

D1.4 Final Publishable Report (see here)

D2.1 Revised/updated performance indicators (see here)

D2.5 Electronic newsletter template (see here)

D7.1 EU level awards submission package (see here)

D7.5 EU level awards reporting newsletter

D7.6 EU level awards reporting on platform, newsletter, PR

D8.1 Project's promotional leaflet (see here)

D8.2 Dedicated SPiCE3 page on country partners' websites:

Cefic: http://www.cefic.org/Industry-support/SPiCE3/

BCCI: http://www.bcci2001.com/index.php?MlW-gRSDMlSHMBKvUFOzYVOHc9O-MBeTMZazYJK-Qte3g1ebQ5&page=1

Chemind: http://www.kemianteollisuus.fi/fi/tietoa-alasta/energia/energiatehokkuus/spice3-edistaa-energiatehokkuutta/spice3-sta-energitehokkuustyolle-lisaa-virtaa/

CIA: http://www.cia.org.uk/ResponsibleCareRoot/SPICE3.aspx

essenscia: http://www.essenscia.be/fr/spice (FR)

 http://www.essenscia.be/nl/spice (NL)

HACI: http://www.haci.gr/index.php/ipefthini-frontida/spice3

IKEM: http://www.ikem.se/publicerat/alla-nyheter/spice3-%E2%80%93-europas-storsta-webbplattform-om-energieffektivisering-ar-sjosatt

PIPC: http://www.pipc.org.pl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=57&Itemid=343&lang=pl

SC: http://www.federchimica.it/PRODOTTIESERVIZI/PerTutteLeImprese/ProgettoSpice3.aspx

SCHP: http://www.schp.cz/projekty/spice3.html

VCI: https://www.vci.de/themen/energie-klima-rohstoffe/energiepolitik/2014-06-30-eu-programm-e2809espice-hoch-3-fordert-energieeffizienz-in-kmu-vci.jsp

VNCI: https://www.vnci.nl/themas/overzicht/dossier-detail/subdossier/?dossierid=124715015&title=SPiCE3

D8.3 Articles on the SPiCE3 project published by country partners in their own newsletters:

Cefic (1)Cefic (2)Cefic (3)
BCCI (1)BCCI (2)BCCI (3)
Chemind (1)Chemind (2)Chemind (3)
HACI (1)
HACI (2)
HACI (3)

D8.4 Media articles about the SPiCE3 project:

Media article N°1
Media article N°9
Media article N°10

D8.5 Presentations on SPiCE3 at external events:

Presentations at event N°1

Presentations at event N°2

Presentations at event N°3

Presentations at event N°4

Presentations at event N°5

Presentations at event N°6

Presentations at event N°7

Presentations at event N°8

Presentations at event N°9

Presentations at event N°10


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