HeatMatrix Polymer air pre-heating technology
09 Август 2017

Many petrochemicals companies are currently assessing opportunities to improve the efficiency of furnaces, fired heaters and boilers in order to optimise operational costs. Upgrading the air preheating section of these units with a polymer air preheater generates attractive additional savings and simultaneously eliminates corrosion problems.

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Borsodchem Zrt: a 7-MW-low-temperature Waste Heat Recovery Plant
06 Април 2016

Annex Borsodchem final

BorsodChem Zrt adopted an energy efficiency solution designed and realized in its site in Kazincbarcika, in North-East Hungary, the company’s principal production site. The plant has increased its peak load process steam production capability thanks to Flue Gas Heat Recovery (FGHR) system connected to on one of the two 24 MW Gas Turbines chimney stack. 

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Tholos - Recupero termico per produzione di vapore di processo
18 Юни 2015


Installazione di una nuova caldaia a recupero (scambiatore aria/vapore) alimentata da cascami termici (fumi) altrimenti dispersi. I fumi raccolti hanno temperature comprese tra i 480 ed 550°C. Il vapore generato riduce il carico di lavoro delle caldaie a metano.

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Recovery of heat of reaction in batch processes in a Dutch company
11 Март 2014

Summary: In continuous processes, the recovery of heat of reaction can easily be made part of the plant's heat integration set-up. In batch processes this not the case, because the heat-in and heat-out flows do not occur at the same time. Batch processes generally have a sequence of heating up (starting the reaction) and subsequently cooling down (removing the heat of reaction and maintaining the required reaction temperature).


"The impossible made possible"

In some batch processes, the heat of reaction can be quite high e.g. in ethoxylation reactions. A solution might be the installing of heat buffer systems. This is, in principle, a rather simple technique, but it is quite difficult to make it work under practical production conditions.

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