Exemplary energy efficiency performance: Borealis Polymers Oy
09 Декември 2013

Summary: Borealis Polymers is one of the biggest consumers of energy in Finland. Their site in Porvoo consumes approximately 3700 MWh (€170 million). In this case every little improvement in energy efficiency means considerable saving in money. (Main content in Finnish)


Borealis Polymers started actively collecting energy efficiency initiatives from employees. Hundreds of little energy efficiency improvements have arisen from local site workers. Energy efficiency will be a part of job description for the most employees on-site. This will help to react to deviations in consumption.

Borealis Polymers on ottanut Porvoon Kilpilahdessa koko henkilöstönsä mukaan energiankäytön tehostamiseen. Aktiivinen aloitetoiminta ja henkilöstön energiatehokkuuskoulutus ovat tuottaneet tulosta.

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